Springtime Commandery History


Prepared by PREGC Marvin W. Gerhard

May 1st. 1958 – dispensation granted by Right Eminent Grand Commander Sir Knight Russell Strawn to form Commandery.
May 10th 1959 – Chartered Springtime Commandery Number 40, stationed at Dunedin, Florida at the Grand Conclave in Jacksonville, 55 charter members.
1962 – Awarded Jesse E. Ramsdell trophy for being best in full form opening, and conferral of Order of Temple as judged by Inspector General..
1963 – Host of Grand York Rite Convention in Clearwater, Florida. .
1964 – Earned Jesse E. Ramsdell trophy for second time.
1964 – Astronaut Gordon Cooper Class Orlando, Fl. membershp increased.
1966/67 Astronaut Gus Grissom Memorial Class, Orlando, FL. membership increased to 185 members.
1968 – 80 Life Sponsors to K.T. Eye Foundation.
1969 – Earned Jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy for second time. .
1972 – Moved Charter to Clearwater in support of York Rite Masonic Temple.
1973 – 1974 – Earned jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy for 3rd and 4th time.
1976 – Qualified for Beauceant Award in its first year.
1977, 1978, and 1979 – Earned Jesse E. Ramsdell trophy for the 5th, 6th, and 7th time.
1980 – P.C. Jacob J. Krawiec awarded K.T.C.H. award by Grand Encampment U.S.A.
1983 – P.C. Robert Frederick Heil awarded K.T.C.H.
1985 – Qualified for Beauceant Award fot the 10th straight year.
1986 – Walter H. Winchester elected Commander while serving as GGHP R.A.M. Int’l.
1989 – Marvin W. Gerhard elected Right Eminent Grand Commander.
1989 – Earned Jesse E. Ramsdell trophy for 8th time.
1991 – Awarded Beauceant Award.
1993 – Sent minister from the Kirk of Dunedin to the Holy Land.
1994 – Earned Jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy for the 9th time.
1997 – P.C. Seth K. Walworth awarded K.T.C.H.
1997 – Carl E. Gilmore elected Right Eminent Grand Commander.
2003 – Returned Charter to original home station Dunedin Lodge, Dunedin Florida after sale of York Rite Temple.
2007 – Charles “Chic” Cicero awarded K.T.C.H.
2010 – Charles “Chic” Cicero elected Right Eminent Grand Commander.

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